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  • Paul Liebenberg
    Aug 21, 2000
      Hi, list members thanks for joining. I'm Paul, I will introduce
      myself and invite yourselves to do the same.
      I am finishing a 36' steel boat designed by Brent Swain on Vancouver
      Island. I will be designing and building a twin masted junk rig for
      the hull. I have been interested in the rig for a few years now, I
      have read the books, and been a member of the junk rig association. I
      have no practical experience with the rig. In searching the internet
      I found some information, but not a place where I could get
      information and answers to questions from experienced people, and
      perhaps meet other like minded people. I look forward to hearing from
      others on the list. I kind of hope this list runs itself, and
      everyone who participates will benefit.
      Paul Liebenberg