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Final Florida SCT Update (2/6) & NAQT Rules Reminders

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  • Yakut Kenutt
    [Coaches involved received this info by e-mail, but I wanted all teams to know what s happening with us; I d sure love to read field updates from Georgia,
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      [Coaches involved received this info by e-mail, but I wanted all
      teams to know what's happening with us; I'd sure love to read field
      updates from Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi!]

      Hey, all--

      Our field has grown to 20. Here it is (please note that this version
      is corrected from the e-mail I sent coaches yesterday, including
      Pasco-Hernando and shriking Valencia's group from 5 to 4):
      Central Florida
      Seminole (2)
      Southeastern University
      North Florida (2)
      Manatee (2)
      Lake Sumter (2)
      Valencia (4)
      Broward (2)
      Indian River
      St. Pete College

      Please let me know if the # I have next to your team is NOT correct
      (no number means 1, of course).

      Stuff to know:
      --I'd like you to be in the Bldg. 9 atrium on our West Campus (where
      we always meet these days) no later than 9:30 a.m. We'll quickly
      take your money (!) and your buzzers, and if all goes well, I'll run
      a Mussolini-like meeting from the stairwell explaining rules and the
      schedule, and we can start matches around 10 a.m.
      --We'll play in two divisions of ten teams each, giving each team 9
      RR games. Then we'll break the top three from each division and have
      them play each other (same with 4-6, and 7-10, though the latter
      won't play every team on the other side), giving each team 12 total
      matches. The winner will be the team with the best overall record,
      with ties in record broken by the results of the head-to-head match
      between them. In case of a circle of death, there's a bunch of
      complicated junk NAQT says we have to do which I won't bore you
      with. Pray it doesn't happen.
      --It may save Lena some time if you e-mail me your rosters before
      Saturday, so do if you can.
      --We'll have small snacky stuff and drinks, but no bagels or donuts,
      so if your players want a substantial breakfast, get it before you
      --The consensus seems to be for lunch to order in pizzas as we did
      last year. For 20 teams and coaches and staff (roughly 120 people),
      I'll probably order 35 pies, broken into something like 20 cheese,
      10 pepperoni, 5 sausage. I can probably get a specialty or two for
      the staff/coaches room, but don't tell the kids!
      --If things go as swimmingly as I hope, we should be done by 5:30.
      As always, I beg that those of you who are experienced at reading
      timed rounds volunteer (or allow me to volunteer you), and I reserve
      the right to grab nearly anyone to be a scorekeeper, as I can train
      you quickly. Efficiency is all, and efficiency is based on staffing!
      --My phone # is 407-252-6965; please call if you're running late,
      but don't run late.

      Here's a summary of rules differences between NAQT and other
      tournaments; if you haven't played here before, please review these
      carefully with your players. Otherwise, write with questions. See
      y'all Saturday!

      NAQT SCT Rules (in brief):

      Matches are timed, with nine-minute halves.

      In case of tie, overtime is three tosses with no bonuses. Top score
      after that wins.

      Timeouts CAN be called; one is allowed per team per match. They must
      be called by the captain or coach and can only be called immediately
      before a new toss-up is about to be asked.

      Players have a FULL two seconds to buzz in when a question is
      likewise, they have two seconds to begin answer after recognized.

      Bonus parts get five seconds; the captain will be prompted after four
      seconds and the answer must be given then.

      Power marks (15 points) do exist; readers will say "Power"
      or "Fifteen" if one gets it that early. If a player negs and the
      other team then interrupts before the power mark has been reached,
      it's obviously still a power.

      Non-verbal conferring IS allowed in NAQT; this means students can
      up buzzers or point at themselves and such. Still, FWIW, I recommend
      avoiding it as it isn't allowed in any other format, so why get in

      Creator-creation is okay (within reason), but both parts must be

      Protests will be allowed, but they must be lodged at the end of the
      half, end of the game, or during a team's timeout--they are not to
      interrupt the flow of time in the game.

      Protests will only be resolved if they affect the outcome of the
      match; they will be resolved by a group of coaches/readers in the
      readers' room. Those whose teams are involved will not have a say
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