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Re:osx or linux

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    ... did that ... and things got solved easily ..excuse me the main problem seemed to be that i was stupid enough to get not aware of ... aspect another bug (of
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 2, 2001
      > > Javac failed with an Error.
      > > java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: sun/tools/javac/Main
      > > at com.apple.mrj.tools.Javac.invokeCoreTool(Javac.java)
      > I recommend reinstalling the MRJ SDK 2.2.4 from:

      did that ... and things got solved easily ..excuse me
      the main problem seemed to be that
      i was stupid enough to get not aware of

      > You can't mismatch versions of MRJ and the MRJ SDK. Use the MRJ 2.2
      > SDK with MRJ 2.2.x and things will hopefully work better.


      another bug (of MRJ's javac's gui?) thing

      > >Executing: Javac -encoding MacTECCode -classpath
      >That encoding-name is a problem. It should be "MacTEC", not "MacTECCode".
      >That may not be the only error, but it is certainly one of them.

      had been told
      and even though that remains after the upgrading 2 MRJ2.2.4 & SDK2.2
      the javac-ing and running of a simple helloworld oriented .java things
      whent ok


      another guy gave me a news 4 japanese-mac-os users
      (a patch to solve the encoding problem)


      and did that anyway

      so now it seems that i'm into the mraj-sdk-ing world
      here goes Jsyn!!


      > > maybe by making keylisteners super busy
      > Instead try System.in.read()

      you can turn each keyboard play the
      sampler's pad role
      using that method?
      ... will read the manual

      > I have written JSyn programs that do not use any graphics. The audio is
      > completely independant of the graphics.

      wanna name my system "ANTIX"
      is this one already used by other something?

      > > any good points of
      > > aqua&quartz aspect of OSX
      > > when running jsyn?
      > Haven't tried it yet because I don't have a Mac capable of running OS X.
      > But given Apple's commitment to Java for OS X, it should be well
      > supported.

      somebody told me that
      giving a path thing would be easy
      by drag'n'dropping the file 2 the terimal window

      started using MPW to do the SAOL thing with "sfornt"
      this one is fun
      it's like becoming a unix user @ mac os
      and since MRJ-SDK can also work via MPW's shell (as commands)
      maybe working on things that way will turn myself
      compatible 2 unix world? ...bla..bla..blah..

      adding 2 this
      the drag'n'dropping way to inform the shell with path thing
      also works @ MPW

      mmm...this was some sort of pre-OSX experience 2 me

      wonder how thinking different
      "Project Builder" would be like


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