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  • ...great deal of JSON to XML and back again - and in XML documents, ordinality matters (XPATH can use element indexes). Best regards, Michael Schøler
    Michael Schøler Mar 21, 2010
  • ...ordering of the RSON data, e.g.: George: … Sam: … Morrie: … becomes: { “Morrie”: … “George”: … “Sam” … } Best regards, Michael Schøler From: json@^$1 [mailto:json@^$2] On Behalf Of Patrick Sent: 21. marts 2010 18:40 To: json@^$3 Subject: [json] RSON 0.06...
    Michael Schøler Mar 21, 2010
  • ...obvious JSON representation of an image would be e.g.: var jsonImage = { “url”: “http://somewhere/image.png”) }; Best regards Michael From: json@^$1 [mailto:json@^$2] On Behalf Of farkmischer Sent: 8. marts 2010 19:37 To: json@^$3 Subject: [json] Sending an image...
    Michael Schøler Mar 8, 2010
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  • ...Services vs. ``Big'' Web Services: Making the Right Architectural Decision (http://www.www2008.org/papers/fp179.html) Best regards Michael Schøler
    Michael Schøler Apr 29, 2008
  • ...overriding a default attribute value. I have not investigated myself if this is not supported - I'm only curious. Best regards Michael Schøler
    Michael Schøler Apr 28, 2008
  • ...transformed back into the original JSON structure, leaving the web guys quite happy. Happy faces all around - done deal! See http://michael.hinnerup.net/blog/2008/01/26/converting-json-to- xml-and-xml-to-json/ for the implementation we use for the JSON<->XML transformation...
    Michael Schøler Apr 14, 2008
  • --- In json@^$1, "Tatu Saloranta" wrote: > > Hi Michael! One quick suggestion: > > You may be aware of this, but Jettison project at Codehaus: > > http://jettison.codehaus.org/ > > also has multiple json...on streaming json interfaces (I'm working on Jackson json > parser/writer myself -> http://jackson.codehaus.org). Great - let me know if you like it. /Michael
    Michael Schøler Apr 2, 2008
  • ...submitting takes place. You can find my public release of jsonDiff and jsonMerge and an article I wrote about it on my blog here: http://michael.hinnerup.net/blog/2008/01/15/diffing_json_objects To further compact the json data I store server side I've also devised a simple...
    Michael Schøler Apr 1, 2008
  • Hi, On 10/14/07, collin_jackson wrote: > --- In json@^$1, "Michael Schwarz" > wrote: > > Some other questions while implementing a client plugin: > > Can you tell...thought it will use the Web browsers location always, which in my mind is not speficic enough. Michael > To make this header match the browser's security policy, it would be > possible to set a header...
    Michael Schwarz Oct 14, 2007
  • ...makes sence? And one last question: does the JSON server need to support HTTP 1.0, or is it mandatory to support HTTP 1.1 only? Michael On 10/11/07, Douglas Crockford wrote: > > --- In json@^$1 , John David Duncan > > wrote: > > > The Firefox plugin chooses to send...
    Michael Schwarz Oct 14, 2007