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AJAJ Lives!

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  • Dale
    An interesting reference to JSON in the State of AJAX blog (at http://hinchcliffe.org/archive/2005/08/18/1675.aspx). SOA Implications One: Ajax clearly
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 19, 2005
      An interesting reference to JSON in the "State of AJAX" blog (at

      "SOA Implications

      One: Ajax clearly embraces XML as the service payload of choice
      (though many Ajax users leverage JSON instead of XML, which is not
      technically Ajax, of which the last letter represents the X in XML).
      This clearly aligns very well with XML web services and open-standard

      Two: Lightweight SOAP and REST services are in and WS-* services may
      be on the rocks. Since Ajax applications can and will frequently call
      backend XML web services as the user interacts with the front-end,
      having lightweight, easy-to-consume, high performance/availability
      SOAP and REST web services will only become more important. Of course,
      the implication is that since Ajax applications are primarily in a
      fairly austere JavaScript sandbox, this means heavy-duty WS-*-style
      SOAP stacks probably won't play well with the lightweight XML/JSON
      service interactions that Ajax prefers."
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