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RE: [json] JSON Prob

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  • Atif Aziz
    Bear in mind that the following... ... [ {firstcell: yyy ,secondcell: xxx }, {firstcell: yyy ,secondcell: xxx }, {firstcell: yyy ,secondcell: xxx } ]
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 12, 2006
      Bear in mind that the following...

      [ {firstcell:"yyy",secondcell:"xxx"},
      {firstcell:"yyy",secondcell:"xxx"} ]

      ...is not valid JSON. Technically, it is valid JavaScript, but for you
      to call it JSON data (as per the spec), you mush double-quote the
      property names as well (just like strings). That is, all occurrences of
      firstcell and secondcell must be literally expressed as "firstcell" and
      "secondcell". See also message #187 [1] for more on this.

      [1] http://groups.yahoo.com/group/json/message/187

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      Hi, i have a json data like

      var celldata = [ {firstcell:"yyy",secondcell:"xxx"},



      By calling celldata.length would return 3 (3 rows), but how do I call
      so that it could determine the number of "columns", which supposed
      return 2 (firstcell and secondcell) ?

      Thanks !

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