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975Re: [json] Parsing JSON with VBA?

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  • Matthew Morley
    Apr 4, 2008
      In the past I tried this within VB6 apps and using the script object seemed
      to cause Norton Anti-virus throw scripting alerts and halt execution until
      the user allowed it. Unfortunately it was a once-per application session
      type message with no way to `always allow`. In a distributed enterprise
      environment it was a scary concept, so we used a crippled json format that
      was simpler to parse.

      Never was able to pin it down, but it was reproducible and killed json as
      possibility for that project. I don't run Norton anymore so I cannot confirm
      if this is still the case, but wanted to share as something to check on. You
      can probably find my old posts on the topic. Hopefully the issue has gone

      I have not seen a vb version of the parser, but based on the regex-less one
      posted recently, it should not be too bad to write if really needed.

      Matt (MPCM)

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