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  • Kyle Alan Hale
    Nov 14, 2007
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      In my search for a convenient way to represent XHTML DOM elements, I
      assembled some ideas of how to apply the native JavaScript objects to
      the W3C DOM objects. I call this assembly of ideas JSoda.

      JSoda is JSON compliant <http://jsoda.info/JSoda+and+JSON> , so that a
      DOM element represented as a JSoda object can be stored or transmitted
      as JSON and utilize existing JSON solutions.

      The details are located at http://jsoda.info/ <http://jsoda.info/> .
      The site also contains an MIT licensed script
      <http://jsoda.info/Object.toDOM#script> for parsing JSoda objects into
      their DOM counterparts. A simple (X)HTML to JSoda converter
      <http://jsoda.info/DOM+to+JSoda> is also provided.

      JSON-related comments or suggestions can be made in reply to this post.
      If you have any input that is not JSON related, such as problems with
      the site or JSoda improvement suggestions, please send an email to
      notalanguage at jsoda dot info.

      Looking forward to your feedback!

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