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891Annoucing YAJL, Yet Another JSON Library in ANSI C

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  • lhilaiel
    Oct 17, 2007
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      Hello all,


      This is a fast, lightweight, portable JSON
      parsing/generation/validation library. It's design goals were to
      provide fast stream based event driven parsing that is representation

      The concrete problem that motivated it's creation was that often I'm
      using JSON in network protocols, and in performance critical
      situations it's suboptimal to A) wait for all the data to arrive
      before we start parsing, and B) map everything into the data
      representation that the parsing library provides, then re-map it into
      the representation of the application that embeds the library.

      Aside from these performance related edge cases, I hope it's something
      that's generally applicable. It also comes with a command line json
      validator and json pretty printer/minimizer.

      Finally, it's possible to write small libraries on top of yajl which
      provide a convenient data representation.

      I'm interested in hearing all bug reports, and know there are
      currently a couple open issues (heard a complaint that the parser is
      too lenient on accepting invalid UTF-8 inside strings).

      Also, if anyone is interested in helping me build MacPorts/FreeBSD
      ports/RPMs for this thing, please holler. I'd love the help.

      hope this is useful,
      lloyd hilaiel