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830MJSON v0.4 released

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  • rui.maciel
    Jul 3 2:18 PM
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      I'm proud to announce that MJSON v0.4 has been released!

      MJSON is Maciel's JSON parser, a small light-weight library that
      handles documents written in the JSON markup language. It's written in
      ISO C, which means that it may run wherever there is a C compiler.

      It's still in alpha stage but at the moment it is capable of parsing
      every JSON example present in www.json.org.

      This new release features, along with some bug fixes, a new SAX-like
      parser - json_saxy_parser() - which allows to handle JSON documents
      sequentially. In order to showcase the new parser, a small test
      application, jsonindent, was also released. jsonindent is a small JSON
      pretty printer written completely in ISO C and relying on MJSON's
      json_saxy_parser() to format JSON documents.

      MJSON and jsonindent can be found at:

      Rui Maciel