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827Re: json keys

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  • Mark Ireland
    Jun 28, 2007
      Somewhat smaller? I was thinking a large object would be shrunk by half
      because there would be no repetition of the columnnames everywhere. . ...

      And I thought my idea would make getting a value as easy as


      I suppose the list of columnnames could be an array since people would
      propbably make it into one so they can loop over it?

      >Then it would probably become something like this:
      >Services","CEO","Jane Jones","800-555-2121","janejones@a1service
      >s.com"],"js63009":[" Acme","President","John
      >Smith","800-555-1212","johnsmith@acme. com"]}}
      >But although that probably results in a somewhat smaller json string I
      >don't really see a benefit, in fact, the object looks a lot more
      >difficult to get the value's form.

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