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789JSONER v 1.22 is now available

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  • Alexey Luchkovsky
    Apr 24 6:41 AM
      JSONER provides open-source solution for improving your web
      technologies that allow developers to easily and quickly build rich
      JSON based applications.

      JSONER are based on event - event handler paradigm (like SAX).
      An event-based API reports parsing events directly to the application
      through callbacks. An event-based API provides a simpler, lower-level
      access to JSON data structure.

      JSONER include the subset of useful methods, which are the following:
      - Methods for data lookup.
      - Methods for data binding.
      - Methods of populating data from HTML form to JSON and the contrary.
      - Methods for comparison JSONs.
      - Methods for transformation JSON to XML or HTML string for further
      - Methods for creating HTML forms and other components.
      - Methods for transformation array of JSONs to a MAP.
      - Methods to capturing JSON property and the contrary.

      New functionality in JSONER v1.22:
      - Cross-link event added.
      - Cross-link resolver.
      - isMute - the method which defined that the property should be
      excluded from traversing (thanks to DC). It allows to represent
      JavaScript objects like as JSON.

      To get more information, samples and documentations, please visit
      JSONER web site http://www.soft-amis.com/jsoner/index.html.
      And, of course, there are live working samples of JSONER in action!

      JSONER' SourceForge page available too:

      Any feedback is appreciated.