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  • Joshua Raphael Fuentes
    Mar 15, 2007
      I have been using json for quite some time now. But just recently, I was starting a new project, and downloaded a new version of json.js from www.json.org. The previous json framework that I used had no problem at all, but I thought of upgrading. Changes includes the function calls , chaging "stringify" to ".toJSONString". Now this is where I am having problems with. I tried to create a json string out of javascript object, and it gave me a "too much recursion" error. What is this? how do I fix this ? would this mean that the old json is better than the new one? I had no problems using the old one, but it's just that the updated version seem to have a bug on this.

      Here's a sample of what I did..

      var jsonObj = {};
      jsonObj.name = "myname";
      jsonObj.email = "myemail"

      alert ("TEST:" + jsonObj.toJSONString());

      --------- NOW THIS WILL GIVE ME too much recursion .. HOW COME?


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