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725Re: [json] Re: SQL for JSON?

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  • Matthew Morley
    Feb 10, 2007
      On 2/10/07, george.jempty <george.jempty@...> wrote:
      > Baloney. The real question is the OP's original question: "Has anyone
      > played with a way to find parts of a JSON structure like SQL?" This
      > is not an unreasonable question: in fact its been considered by
      > renowned Python/XML expert Uche Ogbuji; see
      > http://copia.ogbuji.net/blog/2006-12-23/Why_JSON_v
      > where he imagines "XQuery for JSON". By the way, a link to this very
      > same article can be found at the bottom of json.org.

      Agreed, mostly.

      But I am not sure the case is as strong for xquery for json as it is
      with xml, though I can definitely see a use for it. Selectively
      plucking data from a stream that you do not control or do not want to
      control is very appealing and probably useful. But at that point why
      not just do the same methods on the native language translation?

      One way your search through strings, translate subsections, then
      provide those back as native objects. The other you translate it all,
      then search against native objects to return subset of native objects.

      Matthew P. C. Morley
      MPCM Technologies Inc.
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