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689Re: [json] Re: JSON vs XML

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  • Ken Robinson
    Jan 18, 2007
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      At 12:06 PM 1/18/2007, Martin Cooper wrote:

      >Says you. But the X in AJAX stands for XML, not a variable, and the article
      >you quote is very clear about that. Whether he knew about JSON at the time
      >is irrelevant; there are plenty of other formats that he could have talked
      >about, such as plain text, HTML, JavaScript, etc. But he didn't, he talked
      >about XML, and he defined Ajax in terms of it.

      I hate to burst your bubble.

      Actually the "X" stands for "XMLHttpRequest" as is mentioned in one
      the answers that follows the article. Did you read the Questions and
      Answers after the article. There is one answer that addresses this:

      >Q. Some of the Google examples you cite don't use XML at all. Do I
      >have to use XML and/or XSLT in an Ajax application?
      >A. No. XML is the most fully-developed means of getting data in and
      >out of an Ajax client, but there's no reason you couldn't accomplish
      >the same effects using a technology like
      ><http://www.crockford.com/JSON/>JavaScript Object Notation or any
      >similar means of structuring data for interchange.


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