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559Re: JSON, schemas & RELAX NG

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  • Douglas Crockford
    Oct 31, 2006
      > I am interested in defining the expected structure
      > of JSON objects in a way that can be programmatically
      > introspected. Such definitions could be used for
      > validation and for other purposes.

      Early on I designed a schema notation for JSON in JSON. But on
      reflection, it didn't appear to do anything that an application
      shouldn't already be doing in the process of checking its inputs. So,
      it having little apparent value, I didn't implement it.

      I think other people have had similar experiences.

      If you think there is value in schemas in JSON, go ahead and implement
      it. I don't think anyone is opposed to the idea. I just don't see a
      lot of value in it, except perhaps for helping people who have been
      indoctrinated in XML to take their first steps toward JSON. Maybe
      there is value in that.
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