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511RE: [json] JSON is lightweight

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  • Mert Sakarya
    Sep 18, 2006

      To: json@yahoogroups.comFrom: karthikkumar@...: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 19:36:02 +0530Subject: Re: [json] JSON is lightweight

      1. A CSV is useful for defining relational data ... but doesn't fit as a object language because it doesn't support the conceps of objects as such. But yeah, it is an accepted lightweight notation.2. Binary files aren't practically useful either, unless they define things like endianness and encoding. Besides, they aren't easy to create by a user using a text editor (and hence have to be read/written programmatically).3. Compression isn't the consideration here, considering any text stream, while transmitting, can be compressed with a decent string algorithm.A "lightweight" text format is a good option, if it:1. does object marshalling2. is capable of representing most basic data primitives3. avoids data bloat4. avoids feature overkill (like how XML has become of now)5. is easy to create and view6. is easy to parse and use in a variety of programs (memory footprint is an excellent indicator, compare a JSON parser and a DOM 2 parser)Now whatever fits the description is viable to compete with JSON.Mert Sakarya wrote:>> Can we say;>> A CSV file is "lighterweight" and binary compressed file "lightestweight"?>> Mert>> To: json@yahoogroups.comFrom <mailto:json%40yahoogroups.comFrom>: > ask@... <mailto:ask%40develooper.comDate>: Mon, 18 Sep > 2006 05:00:30 -0700Subject: Re: [json] JSON is lightweight>> On Sep 18, 2006, at 4:46, Sergei Karasiov wrote:> I want to understand > a word "lightweight" in JSON description - in > context of data > interchange.>> Give me example of "huge-weight" - or so...XML.-- > http://www.askbjoernhansen.com/ <http://www.askbjoernhansen.com/>>> __________________________________________________________> Use Messenger to talk to your IM friends, even those on Yahoo!> http://ideas.live.com/programpage.aspx?versionId=7adb59de-a857-45ba-81cc-685ee3e858fe > <http://ideas.live.com/programpage.aspx?versionId=7adb59de-a857-45ba-81cc-685ee3e858fe>>> [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]>>

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