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447Re: eval parsing error in Internet Explorer 6

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  • chris_nappin
    Jul 6, 2006
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      --- In json@yahoogroups.com, "geoffreyk00" <geoffreyk@...> wrote:
      > My *guess* is that the problem is somewhere else on your page. I would
      > try taking the page apart, piece by piece untill the problem goes
      > away.
      > Could you post the files that you are using? maybe we could help

      Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately the page is huge and dynamically
      generated using a complex XSLT sub-system, plus a lot of the
      JavaScript is held in external files. I will post a capture of the
      generated HTML on the group "files" section, and would be very
      grateful if you could scan this to find anything obvious.

      The "addMultiRowBlock" JavaScript method is the one I'm testing. The
      JSRS response results in "updateScreenCallback" being called, which is
      where the JSON is being "eval"ed.


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