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416Re: JSON text not parsing on FireFox

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  • keelypavan
    Jun 15, 2006

      This confusion came up because in the sample code you provided:

      > myJSONtext = {user: {errorFirstName:"", errorLastName:"",
      > errorEmail:"The email address you entered is not valid." } };

      You directly have Javascript statement for object and there was no
      need for 'eval'ing it. That was Doug's point.

      Pavan Keely

      --- In json@yahoogroups.com, "Matthew Morley" <WickedLogic@...> wrote:
      > Perhaps he is asking why you aren't using:
      > http://json.org/json.js
      > -----------------------------------------------------
      > string.parseJSON()
      > This method parses a JSON text to produce an object or
      > array. It will return false if there is an error.
      > --
      > Matt (MPCM)
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