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364RE: [json] Using JSON with eval in Javascript

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  • Atif Aziz
    May 27, 2006
      > Now, the question is, can I say I am using JSON or not?

      It doesn't matter how you parse it but what you put in there that makes it JOSN or not. So if you use functions, then no, it's not JSON. If, on the other hand, you pass the functions as JSON strings and then "eval" those strings to import the functions individually, then technically, you're still doing JSON.

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      Hello everyone,

      I've got another question. I love JSON and the idea behind it. It is cool and generic.

      I am using JSON, with Javascript on the client-side with XmlHttpRequest, but instead of parsing the object with the "parseJSON" method in the "json.js" coded at json.org, I am parsing it with the "eval" (the evil) function of javascript. This way it is parsed faster and have the ability to use the extended javascript features in generated output (eg, ability to add function). Now, the question is, can I say I am using JSON or not?

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