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354Re: Introduction Date and Function objects to the standard [DATE PARSER]

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  • Greg Patnude
    May 26, 2006
      I have a JSON compatible date parser which converts a stringified
      version of a C-Type date (mm-dd-yyyy hh:mm:ss.nnnn [AM:PM]) into a
      JavaScript native Date object format...

      I will offer it to the JSON community to be included as a component of
      the json.js library -- provided under the JSON License (Doug's "Good
      NOT Evil" license)...

      Speaking of the "Good NOT Evil" license -- is anyone interested in
      formalizing that ? like the myriad licensing already available -- GPL,
      or LGPL, or BSD Licenses... we could call it the "GNOTE" license....

      --- In json@yahoogroups.com, Lindsay <lindsay@...> wrote:
      > Fang Yidong wrote:
      > > I think why JSON be successful as a data-interchange
      > > format is its simplicity and neutral nature for many
      > > languages. Adding function definition just make JSON
      > > stick to javascript. As to the datatype 'Date',you can
      > > use number or string to represent it.
      > >
      > Agreed. Maybe define a std date format, there's a ISO one which
      would do
      > fine.
      > --
      > Lindsay
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