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271JSON Help needed

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  • Gugnani, Tarun
    Feb 20, 2006
      Hi All,

      I am new to JSON & i need your help.

      My Use case is that i have service oriented architecture & sometimes i
      have to send a object back from my service to client.
      Currently i am using java bean serialization mechanism to serialize my
      object & again this object is used by client ( JavaScript )
      Second use case is exactly opposite to it. Object created at JS side is
      serialize into xml & send to server side.

      Now for both the use case I am planning to use JSON for serialization
      purpose. has anyone tried it before ?
      How was the experience ? Does it fail for any case ?
      What are the advantages of using JSON in this scenario & what are the
      disadvantages ?

      Looking forward for your expert guidance .

      Thanks & Regards,

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