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205Re: Reference Implementations

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  • Douglas Crockford
    Jan 11, 2006
      > > A loose parser makes it easy to import such data
      > > into a JSON system.

      > So why doesn't the same argument fly for any JSON parser implementation,
      > including the JavaScript one that used to be indeed once liberal?

      I have been incrementally improving the speed of the JavaScript parser
      in response to complaints that it was not optimal. My intention was to
      make it as fast as possible while still conforming to the standard. I
      believe that it does that.

      But it is just one possible implementation. If you want to write one
      that is bigger and slower that responds to non-JSON texts as well as
      JSON texts, you are certainly allowed to do so.

      > > JSON is a strict subset of...YAML

      > Can you absolutely confirm this? Is it true today? I have not seen
      > this claim anywhere.

      The statement is not true...yet. YAML has two productions in which
      spaces are significant where in JSON they are not. I hope they can
      resolve that soon.
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