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1921Re: [json] getting the "pair" and "element" terms into more widespread usage

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  • Gregg Irwin
    Sep 13, 2012
      Hi Ben,

      BA> http://benatkin.com/2012/09/11/json-has-elements-too/

      BA> Are any of you using these terms? Do you think they enhance
      BA> understanding of JSON, or are just grammar details? Do you agree that
      BA> heavy use of the XML terminology helps people work through its
      BA> complexity?

      I can't think of a reason *not* to use the terms consistently. It
      helps to be specific. e.g., having a function designed to remove a
      'value from an array has a different meaning than one that removes an

      Douglas Crockford probably thought about it, and carefully chose the
      term 'pair. I was going to argue against it, but changed my mind. My
      alternatives would just be lateral moves.

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