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191Re: [json] Strings

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  • Michal Migurski
    Jan 4, 2006
      > And here was me blithely thinking JSON was supposed to be a
      > "JavaScript
      > Object Notation". What happened to the JavaScript focus? With all due
      > respect, it's beginning to seem like JSON is supposed to be a
      > minimalist
      > object notation that's compatible with JavaScript and as many other
      > languages as possible.

      Beginning to? I thought this was the idea all along? Syntax that's
      valid Javascript, Python, and easy to write parsers for other
      languages. I'm already using it in a number of situations where
      Javascript plays no role whatsoever (e.g., interprocess communication
      between Python and PHP), and its simplicity makes me quite happy.

      > Add PHP to the list of non-JavaScript languages JSON is trying to
      > cater
      > to... (... and add PHP programmers to my list of not-so-smart-folks
      > if they
      > can't understand string quoting... ;)


      Honestly, I don't understand the desire to gum up the works here.
      Comments, quoting options - use raw Javascript or XOXO for strings,
      lists and dictionaries if you need such extras. JSON as a spec is
      simple, elegant, and complete.

      michal migurski- contact info and pgp key:
      sf/ca http://mike.teczno.com/contact.html

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