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1757Jansson 2.2.1 released

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  • Petri Lehtinen
    Oct 6, 2011
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      Jansson 2.2.1 is out. This release fixes a major bug and little
      documentation and style issues.

      The bug had to do with locales: Jansson's encoder and decoder both
      failed hard on real numbers when the locale's decimal separator was
      not the standard one. Furthermore, the decoder issued invalid error
      messages in some cases under non-UTF-8 locales.

      Download source: http://www.digip.org/jansson/releases/jansson-2.2.1.tar.gz
      View documentation: http://www.digip.org/jansson/doc/2.2/
      Changelog: http://www.digip.org/jansson/doc/2.2/changes.html#version-2-2-1

      What is Jansson?

      Jansson is a C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data.
      It features:

      * Simple and intuitive API and data model
      * Comprehensive documentation
      * No dependencies on other libraries
      * Full Unicode support (UTF-8)
      * Extensive test suite

      Jansson is licensed under the MIT license.

      For more details, see http://www.digip.org/jansson/.

      Petri Lehtinen