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1598Re: [json] Re: JSON and the Unicode Standard

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  • John Cowan
    Feb 26, 2011
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      johne_ganz scripsit:

      > In fact, for my parser (JSONKit), which is Objective-C based and uses
      > NSString to represent the JSON String objects, it is not practical
      > for me to create a JSON parser that "respects the data stored in the
      > JSON byte stream". The NSString class makes no such guarantees in its
      > documentation, nor does the Unicode Standard. It would be extremely
      > non-trivial for me to meet a "respects the data stored in the JSON
      > byte stream" requirement, at least in the sense that the behavior
      > is deterministic.

      Normalization is non-trivial, and I doubt if any existing Unicode library
      imposes it on all strings at creation/modification time. Certainly ICU
      does not; it provides the ability to normalize, that's all.

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