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1545Feedback on non-standard json

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  • Jonathan Wallace
    Aug 9, 2010
      I'm redoing big parts of libjson and I'm going to extend it to use non-standard json (as a compile option, not standard) and I'm curious if anyone foresee any problems with what I'm thinking:

      "binary" : <7>7 bytes,
      "binary array" : [
      "name with : colon" : {
      "subitem" : 2
      "reference to array" : &binary array:2&,
      "reference" : &name with \: colon:subitem&

      In my time using json the only reasons I've ever had to used XML is when I need to use references or binary data, but I hate xmls complexity, so I want to extend libjson to be able to do that.

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