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1524Re: [json] Re: New JSON library

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  • jonathan wallace
    Apr 21, 2010
      UTF8 doesn't support all of the characters supported by \uXXXX, four characters mean UTF16. I do currently support UTF8, but that's only \u00XX.
      Anyway, since most users never use anything extended beyond UTF8, I am currently working on making full support an build option, which will automatically use wide characters and support full \u escaping. Should finish it up tomorrow.


      From: Douglas Crockford <douglas@...>
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      Sent: Wed, April 21, 2010 3:41:34 PM
      Subject: [json] Re: New JSON library

      --- In json@yahoogroups. com, jonathan wallace <ninja9578@. ..> wrote:
      > Oh, in order to get my library posted there, I've got to convert everything to wide strings for the full range of \u utf32 characters? Hmm, not sure if I'm willing to do that since most users use std::string, and C has no wide string support at all. Oh well.

      UTF-8 is another option.

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