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  • Atif Aziz
    Dec 24, 2005
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      Are comments officially out of the specification? It seems so looking at
      the current state of the spec http://www.json.org/.

      existing decoders can continue to recognize and
      ignore comments.

      Although existing decoders might do this, the absence of comments in the
      specification allows future decoder implementation to have an excuse for
      not recognizing comments. In the spirit of IETF RFCs, it should be
      stated somewhere that a parser SHOULD recognize comments and MAY choose
      to expose them through its interface.

      I find comments useful solely for the purpose of debugging (and none
      other). Pretty much all markup languages and even portable data
      structures accommodate one form of commenting or another so why take out
      something so harmless?

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      Comments are being removed from JSON. I think that this will have
      minimal impact because existing decoders can continue to recognize and
      ignore comments.

      No known encoders use comments. This is not surprising because
      comments are not very useful in data interchange.

      This change will more closely align JSON with YAML and Python, and
      will simplify the standard.

      I wish to thank everyone for their comments, suggestions, and emails.

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