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1489Itemscript JSON library & RESTful in-memory database for Java & GWT-Java

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  • Jacob Davies
    Mar 9, 2010

      We have a new release of the Itemscript JSON library for standard Java
      and GWT-Java, with a RESTful in-memory database.

      The project page with a feature summary, downloads, documentation, and
      examples is here:

      The first problem it set out to solve was having a consistent JSON API
      that can be used in both a standard Java environment, and in the GWT
      Java environment, with its unique restrictions.

      The second problem was to provide a consistent, simple Map-like
      interface for loading and storing JSON resources identified by URIs.
      So you can say things like:
      String testString =
      system().put("http://example.com/jsonService", jsonValue);

      The third problem was to also provide a means of accessing a simple
      in-memory database with a REST-style API using URI-type keys &
      queries, so that relative URIs that would read or write to a remote
      REST system can be switched to access the in-memory DB for testing &
      development without a server. That also turned out to be useful for
      some things that dependency injection or JNDI might otherwise do, for
      managing configuration & user data, and for other lightweight,
      transient data management.

      Jacob Davies