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1449Re: [json] IETF JSON Working Group?

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  • Mark Joseph
    Jan 27, 2010
      If you go the IETF route then the meaning of JSON can change by committee. The group can decide what JSON really is. I have worked in a few of these and did not get the best result.

      I would suggest that the informational RFC is the best approach if you want to maintain control.

      Its the market place that really decides what is a standard and not the IETF committees.

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      From: Kris Zyp [mailto:kriszyp@...]
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      Sent: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 20:07:21 -0800
      Subject: [json] IETF JSON Working Group?

      I just was curious if there was any interest in IETF JSON working group.
      As I understand it, without a JSON working group any JSON-based
      specification that goes through the IETF must be published in the
      "Informational" category, and is not eligible for "Standards" category.
      This not only includes the JSON schema specification that I submitted as
      an Internet Draft, but it also includes *the* JSON specification itself,
      RFC 4627. I don't mind having JSON schema stay at informational level,
      but I was curious if others felt like there would ever be value in
      having an IETF JSON working group for more formal standardization of
      future JSON-based formats and other specifications.

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