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1446Re: Floating point leading zero problem

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  • glanca
    Jan 19, 2010
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      --- In json@yahoogroups.com, John Cowan <cowan@...> wrote:
      > The org.json implementation is wrong; the JSON_Parser library is

      Thanks for the quick feedback guys. Looking further in to what the
      org.json Java library is doing reveals this comment:

      * If it might be a number, try converting it. We support the 0- and 0x-
      * conventions. If a number cannot be produced, then the value will just
      * be a string. Note that the 0-, 0x-, plus, and implied string
      * conventions are non-standard. A JSON parser is free to accept
      * non-JSON forms as long as it accepts all correct JSON forms.

      The word "try" is meant literally in that it uses try blocks and the
      code is throwing an exception when handling the legal string "0.625". I
      consider exceptions to be *of interest* and therefore trap on them and
      the code doesn't throw an exception on the non-standard value ".625",
      thus my confusion when I read the spec. With a leading zero it does
      eventually manage to return the correct Double object but only after
      dumping a stack trace.

      It looks like a simple re-arrangement should resolve my problem but I'm
      not set up to do regression testing against the specifications. For now
      I'll probably just comment out the contents of the catch block (which
      just dumps a stack trace) and if I do try to fix it I'll try sending a
      patch to the anonymous feedback address for the code.

      Thanks again.

      -- Guy

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