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14RE: [json] Media type for JSON?

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  • Roland H. Alden
    Jul 26, 2005
      > Therefore, any media type registered for JSON would likely be
      > application/json.

      You would seem to be correct assuming RFC 2046 is the controlling
      standard. Quoting from that:

      4.5. Application Media Type

      The "application" media type is to be used for discrete data which do
      not fit in any of the other categories, and particularly for data to
      be processed by some type of application program. This is
      information which must be processed by an application before it is
      viewable or usable by a user. Expected uses for the "application"
      media type include file transfer, spreadsheets, data for mail-based
      scheduling systems, and languages for "active" (computational)
      material. (The latter, in particular, can pose security problems
      which must be understood by implementors, and are considered in
      detail in the discussion of the "application/PostScript" media type.)
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