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1396New versions of Jenner, Esel, and Kouprey

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  • deadpixi.software
    Sep 30, 2009
      Hello everyone,
      New versions of Jenner, Esel, and Kouprey are available.

      Jenner (http://www.deadpixi.com/jenner) is a completely in-browser template engine using JSON datasources. It is as powerful as most server-side template engines, but, by running completely in-browser saves server resources and provides a clean separation from interface and backend.

      Esel (http://www.deadpixi.com/esel) is an expression language for JSON. It is about as powerful as Java's Unified Expression Language, but runs inside a hosting JavaScript application as opposed to a Java application. It can also be used as a selection language from JSON databases.

      Kouprey (http://www.deadpixi.com/kouprey) is a parser generator for JavaScript. It allows the specification of grammars in pure JavaScript, but in such a way that the grammars are similar to EBNF specifications. It is the underlying parsing technology of Esel, and has been used to write compilers for large, Turing-complete programming languages.

      All of these projects are under the LGPL. The major changes of these latest releases are much improved Unicode support and some performance and documentation improvements.

      If you're using any of these projects for something, I'd love to know about it!