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1388Re: SV: [json] JSON representation for XML snippet

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  • Tatu Saloranta
    Sep 14, 2009
      On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 1:33 PM, Andrea Giammarchi
      <andrea.giammarchi@...> wrote:
      > I do not get all these problems ... first of all I expect that JSON to XML
      > will parse JSON first and then create XML via proper namespace/libarry and
      > character problem should not exist in this case.

      Unfortunately, no. I am specifically referring to XML inability to
      contain control characters like 0xA.
      There is no way to include those in XML 1.0 documents, not even by
      using character entities (char entity production must match
      valid-char, which excludes these). They can be included in JSON via
      escape mechanism.
      Reverse is not a problem as JSON can contain any Unicode character;
      any without escaping. I consider this a good thing (at least for
      String values).

      -+ Tatu +-
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