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1340Re: Why we have to waist our time for Date parsing?

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  • gearond@sbcglobal.net
    Aug 11, 2009
      The best scenario for the most concise and easy encapsulation would be SQL brand specific objects holding text or binary data, totally transparent without having to even use base64 encoding, etc!!!! Just run it as an INSERT to the database, then run code against it.

      But even that's a moving target, as all software evolves, database code also.

      OTOH, if something could be kept as simple as strings and numbers, anything, (even binary as base64 strings), could be represented and transferred. It would be usable on all platforms, convertible in all applications, transfer across all transport schemes, and immune from software specification and feature creep.

      Hmmm, kind of sounds like JSON ;-)

      --- In json@yahoogroups.com, Michal Migurski <mike-jsonphp@...> wrote:
      > > 3 - JSON is mainly used via Ajax as protocol, Ajax has its own
      > > security
      > > policy and if we use a proxy in our server obviously we can
      > > maniacally parse
      > > responses but we are doing something wrong unless we do not trust
      > > 100% that
      > > source
      > >
      > Says who? I use it to communicate amongst Javascript, PHP, and Python.
      > I have no need for or interest in an update to the JSON spec - it is,
      > as others on this list have said, *done*.
      > > Obviously an improvement makes sense only if there are benefits for
      > > every
      > > developer and every device.
      > >
      > Agreed.
      > -mike.
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