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1336SV: [json] Re: Why we have to waist our time for Date parsing?

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  • Jakob Kruse
    Aug 11, 2009

      I fail to understand what exactly you aim to prove on that page, but that is besides the point. You seem to argue that special features (incorporating the use of one of Crockfords declared ultimate evils: eval) should be included into a JSON parsing library created by same Crockford, in order to better support the parsing of dates – a non-feature of JSON.

      I think it is safe to say you are fighting a lost cause.

      If you really want to speed things up, don’t let the JSON parser do date deserializing. Keep your dates as strings as long as possible, and only deserialize them (using whichever method you fancy) when you need them. I’m quite sure that will improve speed even more than your suggestion.

      Kind regards,

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      Emne: Re: [json] Re: Why we have to waist our time for Date parsing?

      I wrote a page days ago which aim is to demonstrate there was nothing

      Would be nice to receive an answer or a test that demonstrate I was wrong.


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