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1258JSON.hpack - JavaScript, PHP, C# (Python Soon)

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  • Andrea Giammarchi
    May 27, 2009
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      (it was a direct message, I have copied and pasted here as well)
      Good afternoon Mr Douglas Crockford,
      I wonder if you have seen already my latest JSON related project, called
      an Homogeneous Collection Packer.

      As summary, hpack transform a JSON list of objects, usually a database
      into an array only collection with columns info in the special index 0


      With 4 different compression levels, it is able to cut down number of
      characters from 75Kb to 9Kb ( no gzip ) and to make big client side
      elaborated resultSets send via Ajax possible without having gzip/deflate
      compression on client side. The JSON.hunpack method is extremely fast and
      compatible with every chosed compression level.

      I hope it will find a place into json.org and I'd love to read a comment
      about it as soon as you have some free minute (... even if I know it is
      something hard to find in IT).

      Blog Entry:

      Github Project:

      Here is a live demo page:

      Best Regards,
      Andrea Giammarchi

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