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1229New 'JSON Template' language

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  • Andy Chu
    Apr 9, 2009
      I'd like to solicit feedback on this minimal (but powerful) template
      language I wrote:


      It's meant to be a language-independent specification for formatting JSON
      data, as JSON is a language-independent data format. Currently there are
      Python, JavaScript, and Java implementations.

      This article explains that it's meant to be the *complement* of JSON -- a
      declarative/functional way to turn machine-readable data (JSON) into
      human-readable data:


      I'm also interested in the "mashups" or "web service coordination" problem,
      and this suggested architecture lends itself well to the problem.

      The project was just made public last week, so it's fairly new. But I think
      the language has withstood the test of a decent amount of public scrutiny,
      and the code is solid and well-tested. I would appreciate any feedback,
      either here or in the group: http://groups.google.com/group/json-template


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