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1217Performance of JSON libraries

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  • Fang Yidong
    Feb 19, 2009
      Hello Tatu,

      While I was googling JSON.simple usage, I occasionally find JsonSimpleDriver.java in svn of codehaus, and the benchmark results, comparing with Jackson and other libraries. I think that it's your work?

      The throughput of Jackson is high definitely and I really think Jackson is an excellent StAX JSON parser.

      I am writing to you because I'd like to share some of my opinions on the testing itself. I know that you haven't pulished the results yet, here's just some discussions.

      Here's my opinions:
      1. I think different libraries accept different inputs, such as a byte array, a string, a inputstream or a reader, so the preparation of such input objects should be prepared in the warm up stage, not the running.

      2. I think the iteration of the resulting graph is not a part of the parser and should not be put in the run method, but some minor operations can be performed to verified that the result is a correct one.

      3. Could you also help to test the SAX-like interface of JSON.simple in the way of JacksonDriverStreaming.java did? 

      I think your work will definitely help to improve the qualities of all JSON libraries.


      Yidong Fang


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