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  • pigwin32
    Feb 16, 2009
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      --- In json@yahoogroups.com, "Douglas Crockford" <douglas@...> wrote:
      > I am proposing a new mechanism for doing data transport in Ajax/Comet
      > applications. It is called JSONRequest. It is a minimal communications
      > facility that can be exempted from the Same Origin Policy.
      > You can read about it here: http://json.org/JSONRequest.html

      This question may have been asked previously but a quick search didn't
      turn up anything. Why does JSONRequest only support GET/POST and
      propose a new CANCEL request? What of PUT and DELETE? I can see how
      JSONRequest would be extremely useful for RESTful web services and I'm
      curious as to why you are proposing yet another protocol on top of
      HTTP when HTTP already provides the necessary verbs and
      exceptions/error codes. Wouldn't it be expedient to work within the
      existing HTTP specification? My apologies if this has already been
      addressed, I've arrived a little bit late to the discussion.

      - Dave
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