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1205JSON Query discussion group

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  • Kris Zyp
    Feb 6, 2009
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      For those who might be interested, I have started new a Google
      group/mailing list for the continued development of a language/syntax
      for JSON querying:

      This group's purpose is to discuss, evolve, and create a specification
      for JSON querying, building on existing designs to provide robust
      comprehensive language for searching and retrieving information from
      JSON-style object-oriented data structures.

      The goals for the JSON Query language can be found at:
      and are listed below:

      * Build on JSONPath <http://goessner.net/articles/JsonPath/> - The
      most popular existing format for retrieving data from JSON
      structures is JSONPath. JSONPath has numerous implementations, and
      we wish to build on these.
      * Progressive operator evaluation -
      o Queries can be evaluated by left-to-right execution of
      operators, reducing the complexity of implementations.
      o The query language can be used a query format with URIs for
      RESTful querying of data. It should be possible to postpend
      a query to a URI to indicate a query into the data/resource
      referred by the URI.
      o The query syntax should be suitable as query component in
      the URI and provide alternate to
      application/x-www-form-urlencoded for encoding more complex
      queries. The query format could potentially be a MIME type
      * Maximize similarity with JavaScript/C-style syntax - JSON itself
      is a subset of JavaScript, and a JSON querying language should
      retain maximum interoperability with the language itself, with
      constructs that could potentially be included in future ECMAScript
      * Language independence - The query language should have the
      semantics regardless of the underlying platform or framework.
      * Safely executable - It should be possible to evaluate queries from
      untrusted sources without undue risk of exposing oneself to
      security hazards.
      * Comprehensive querying capabilities:
      o Filter collections
      o Sorting results
      o Expressions with the ability to use object properties, array
      indexes, basic comparison operators, boolean operators, and
      finding matches within arrays.
      o Aggregate/group data and process it with collection
      reduction operations such as sum, maximum, minimum
      o Recursive search
      o Full text search
      o Create results of distinct sets, eliminating duplicates

      Current and Proposed Efforts

      Efforts have been made to create a query language that meet the
      requirements of this group with JSONQuery
      which has been implemented in Dojo
      Persevere <http://docs.persvr.org/documentation/jsonquery>, and a
      standalone JavaScript version
      <http://github.com/JasonSmith/jsonquery/tree/master>. Other efforts
      include Jaql <http://www.jaql.org/release/0.1/jaql-overview.html>, but
      this does not meet the requirements of the specification. The current
      JSONQuery syntax meets the majority of these goals but there are still
      additional constructs that are needed for more comprehensive querying
      capabilities. Missing capabilities include array matching, aggregation,
      full text search, and distinct sets.


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