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1191Jackson home page moved to [http://jackson.codehaus.org]

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  • Tatu Saloranta
    Jan 16, 2009
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      Doug, I realized that I hadn't sent you note about Jackson json
      processor moving to Codehaus.
      Could you update the link at json.org to point to:


      (the old page is still there and will redirect, so it's not a huge
      deal, but eventually it'll move over completely)

      Also: on a related note, would it make sense to start
      classifying/grouping projects more on that page? Or adding some
      tagging to indicate rough functionality. Right now level of json
      functionality for Java libs varies a lot, for example: some libraries
      are for xml processing but also expose interoperability functionality
      for json; whereas others are json parsers, data binding packages and
      so on.

      -+ Tatu +-
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