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1188Re: [json] New homepage for JSON.simple

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  • Fang Yidong
    Jan 8, 2009
      It's base on some internal testing and  testing of an independent author in some complex scenarios.

      The result show that the encoding of JSON.simple is as fast as Douglas's implementation. The decoding is close to Douglas's implementation and faster than some of the implementations, but slower than one or two of them.

      The testing may not cover all scenarios and may not be completely fair, but provides some basic information.

      Hope there will be a public third party testing.


      JSON: Action in AJAX!

      JSON - http://www.json.org

      JSON.simple - http://code.google.com/p/json-simple/

      2009/1/6 Fang Yidong <fangyidong@yahoo. com.cn>:


      > http://code. google.com/ p/json-simple/

      Quick question: home page suggests that one benefit of the library is

      high performance. How is this determined, i.e. how has it been tested,

      and against which libraries? For Java there are at least half a dozen

      alternatives parsers, so it should be easy to find things to benchmark

      against, I just didn't see a link that shows the details of testing


      -+ Tatu +-


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