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1147Re: [json] JsonML+BST

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  • Martin Cooper
    Aug 3, 2008
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      What would be the pros and cons of this approach when compared to the
      TrimPath JavaScript Templates? The latter have been around for quite some

      Martin Cooper

      On Sun, Aug 3, 2008 at 5:28 PM, Stephen M. McKamey <jsonml@...>wrote:

      > Recent discussions about JsonML (e.g.
      > http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/json/message/1115) and various blog
      > posts around browser-side templating (e.g.
      > http://ejohn.org/blog/javascript-micro-templating/) have made me think
      > that it is time to share more of what I've been working on lately.
      > One such project has been what I call JsonML Browser-Side Templating
      > (JsonML+BST). The idea is to leverage JsonML as the intermediate
      > format for automatically "compiling" templates written in an ASP/JSP
      > style to be data bound on the client. It turns out this has many
      > advantages which make for a responsive user experience. Basically,
      > you keep the compiled JsonML+BST template and the JSON data separate
      > and then data bind on the client. This allows responsive changes to
      > the view or the data.
      > This weekend I finally wrote up an overview, a little demo and
      > packaged up some code. If you are interested in more, please check
      > out a more detailed description (http://jsonml.org/BST/) and play with
      > the example (http://jsonml.org/BST/Example/).
      > Thanks,
      > smm
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