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1063Re: JSON syntax grammar is missing 'undefined' literal value

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  • Shelby Moore
    May 27, 2008
      Thanks to all that replied to my prior post. This is my reply to you all.

      1) Undefined is essential in languages that treat identifiers as hash
      keys of an object (i.e. modern dynamic scripting languages). Static
      identifier languages, can simulate dynamic identifiers with a hash
      collection class.

      2) Afair, K&R (ANSI) C did not have null, only void*. In K&R (ANSI) C,
      void is not valid in a conditional nor assignment expression, and
      identifiers are not dynamically constructed and typed.

      3) Undefined is a critical primitive in any hash object data
      structure, that supports inheritance. I already explained my logic in
      prior post.

      This will all become more obvious to you all, as someone actually
      brings real world application of Semantic Web to reality.

      4) I agree with Douglas not to modify the JSON standard specification,
      but rather to usurp it (JSON+ or whatever it may be called) if the
      market shall be so. I believe in de facto (competing) standards, not
      in centrally managed ones, which is one of the main motivations of the
      development I am working on. I believe in a million points of light
      competing. I believe in freedom and liberty.

      Okay enough talk from me. Your comments have encouraged me. Thanks
      very much to all. And best wishes to all as well.
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