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Re: Benchmark 28 C/C++ JSON libraries

... Hi Milo, author of JSON++ here. Thanks for all the work and the effort put into this project, this is awesome. This is a first step to decide what to
Apr 29

Benchmark 28 C/C++ JSON libraries

Hi, I have conducted a benchmark of 28 open source C/C++ JSON libraries. https://github.com/miloyip/nativejson-benchmark This shall be the first benchmark in
Milo Yip
Apr 28

JSON for PicoLisp

Hi, I meant to post this a while back.. I authored a JSON library for the PicoLisp language. It's an FFI binding using the 'parson' library, with support for
Apr 26

Re: Google Code

Not related to google code, but we moved website of ObjectPath to http://objectpath.org. Would greatly appreciate update on json.org. Greetings, Adrian
Adrian Kalbarczyk
Mar 26
Mar 23

Re: Google Code

Jayrock has been moved to: https://bitbucket.org/raboof/jayrock https://bitbucket.org/raboof/jayrock Would appreciate if you could update its link, under C#,
Mar 23

Re: Google Code

Thanks. ... Thanks. On 2015-03-21 4:14 PM, Tuğrul Topuz tugrultopuz@... [json] wrote: I moved to GitHub New repo: https://github.com/tugrul/aspjson Old
Douglas Crockford
Mar 21

Re: Google Code

I moved to GitHub New repo: https://github.com/tugrul/aspjson Old repo: https://code.google.com/p/aspjson/
Tuğrul Topuz
Mar 21

Re: Google Code

RapidJSON has been moved to https://github.com/miloyip/rapidjson Thank you. On Fri, Mar 13, 2015 at 12:01 PM, douglas@... [json] < ... -- Milo Yip
Milo Yip
Mar 13

Google Code

Google has announced that it is shutting down Google Code. If you have a library that is hosted there, please move it somewhere else. If you tell us here the
Mar 13

VFPJson moved to Github

Hi: We have just move VFPJson repository to https://github.com/sait/vfpjson https://github.com/sait/vfpjson Please update URL in http://www.json.org/
Feb 15

New software tool & json.org question

I'm not sure if anyone on this list is in scientific computing, but I'd just like to draw your attention to a json library that I contribute to for Modern
Zaak Beekman
Jan 17


I don't know who to contact, but the one resource listed under the Fortran section of json.org is quite lacking in terms of capabilities, especially when
Izaak Beekman
Jan 17

Re: null for objects

... That's a little bit of an odd statement, you are thinking the other way around: JSON itself does not determine or impose what the type of a value should be
Dec 9, 2014

Re: null for objects

Hi! ... Huh? The standard doesn’t conflict with that. It doesn’t say “one or more name/value pairs”, it says “zero or more name/value pairs”. {}
Andrea Faulds
Dec 8, 2014
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