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Re: Unrecognized tags

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  • douglascrockford
    ... Please try it now.
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 17 6:55 PM
      --- In jslint_com@yahoogroups.com, "cse_html_validator" <alhome@...> wrote:

      > --- In jslint_com@yahoogroups.com, "douglascrockford" <douglas@> wrote:
      > >
      > > What tag?
      > >
      > The "marquee" tag. Yes, it's a "bad" tag, and I've suggested they use the CSS marquee properties instead, but I suspect they would prefer to address more serious issues first, and leave this for later while still being able to use JSLint.
      > I do not think JSLint should abort/stop when it finds an unknown tag. It seems a bit severe.
      > I think that an option to allow user specified tags would be of practical use for some.

      Please try it now.
    • cse_html_validator
      ... Great. It doesn t abort/stop anymore. Thanks.
      Message 2 of 5 , Nov 19 3:23 PM
        --- In jslint_com@yahoogroups.com, "douglascrockford" <douglas@...> wrote:
        > Please try it now.

        Great. It doesn't abort/stop anymore.

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