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ANN: Strange Loop Conference, St. Louis, Oct 14-15

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  • AlexDMiller
    Hello JavaScript enthusiasts, I m the organizer of the Strange Loop conference in St. Louis. This year s conference will contain a number of interesting
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2010
      Hello JavaScript enthusiasts,

      I'm the organizer of the Strange Loop conference in St. Louis. This year's conference will contain a number of interesting JavaScript or web-related talks including keynotes by Douglas Crockford and Guy Steele. The conference itself is a multi-disciplinary conference with many talks on other languages like Clojure, Scala, Groovy, F#, Lua, Perl, etc, NoSQL talks on MongoDB, Cassandra, Riak, etc and many other interesting things. I would encourage you to check out the full schedule (http://strangeloop2010.com/calendar). Tickets are $190 through September.

      A sampler:
      - Guy Steele - How to Think about Parallel Programming: Not!
      - Douglas Crockford - Heresy and Heretical Open Source: A Heretic's Perspective
      - Ryan Dahl - Parallel Programming with Node.js
      - Kyle Simpson - Dude, That's some Strange UI Architecture
      - Scott Bale - JavaScript Functions: The Good Parts - Idioms for Encapsulation and Inheritance
      - Justin Love - Classes are Premature Optimization
      - Scott Davis - Tomorrow's Tech Today: HTML 5
      - Mark Volkmann - jQuery - RIA Miracle!

      More info:
      Main: http://strangeloop2010.com
      Speakers: http://strangeloop2010.com/speakers
      Schedule: http://strangeloop2010.com/calendar
      Registration: https://regonline.com/strangeloop2010

      It's going to be a fantastic conference and I hope you all can make it.

      Alex Miller
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